Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Colored my hair!

 My Outfit 
Dress - O'Neill Maroon Dress
Black Wedges - Mossimo
Steampunk Necklace - Amber Ily's Steamcrafts (For Sale)

I've lately gotten sick of my hair color. My hair is a blonde/red color naturally but I also have a huge grey streak that has been there since I was at least Seventeen. I wouldn't mind it if it was like Rogue's but I really just think I'm going grey. Yes, grey at Twenty -Four, that's what stress does to you cause there is no one else in my family who went grey early. Anyway, so my hair is almost maroon color. I love it!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blue Jeans and Cloudy Skies and Ways to Save!

My Outfit
Purple Chiffon Shirt - Yard Sale
Blue Jeans - Forever 21
Brown Heals - Target
Steampunk Necklace - Soon to be on the shop Amber Ily's Steamcrafts 

    It's true! I'm wearing jeans! I don't really care for jeans, but sometimes an outfit calls for them and they can be really comfortable. I got this shirt from a yard sale. It's loose and flowy and super cute. It's not my usual outfit but I like it. It was crazy weather today. It was as if it couldn't make up it's mind whether it wanted to be hot or cold or hot. It was ridiculous. Most of the day was cloudy though which was nice. I love cloudy days.
   I have been so busy trying to figure out how to save money and to earn money and all sorts of that. It's been an interesting couple of weeks. I've mostly been trying to save up for the Gaslight Gathering III in San Diego. I've gone every year and I love all the wonderful Steampunk things I find. 

   So for the knowledge that I have gained in my search for ways to save, I've learned that you should pretty much use coupons and shop at places that have rewards like Vons and/or Walgreens. Also, there are a lot of good deals at Target if you know when to shop and where to look. Yard sales are the way to go. I grew up with my parents always going to yard sales on Saturdays and as you can tell I get most of my clothes at Yard Sales still.

   I've also been trying to update my Amber Ily's Steamcrafts shop. I made two new pieces today and hope to make more. One of the new pieces is actually what I have on. If you get a chance stop by the shop in the next week and I will have some new items up. 

I posted my birthday list a couple of weeks ago and so far I have 5) Started blogging at least once a week, 6) Find time to enjoy the little things and moments with Daniel, 8) Read more - I've gotten about a book in a half done so far. I've read the third book of Beautiful Creatures series and now trying to get through the last one 9) So far I have saved money from each paycheck , 10) Go to the Gaslight Gathering  

   I hope everyone has a great weekend. Next weekend is the Gaslight Gathering so I will post about that as soon as I can after that but I will make sure to update sometime next week.

Friday, April 19, 2013

My Style throughout the years

 I figured I'd do a style post of how my style has changed through the years. Though I have noticed, I really love the color black : )

 Freshman year - t-shirt and black skirt with punker belt. Lots of rubber bracelets and big ball necklace and don't forget the Converse All Stars

Sophomore Year - Still into the punker/goth style. Black t-shirt with my A.F.I buttons and purple plaid zipper pants with my long comfy black sweater. Don't even ask what's going on with my hair.

Junior Year Winter Formal - Probably one of my favorite dresses from high school dances. The embroidery on the bodice is so pretty.

 Senior Year - A little more girly and hippie. You can't see but my hair is down to my butt.

17 years old - Got to go to New York. Dyed my hair red in the middle of senior year and haven't change it since. However as soon as I came back from New York before I started college I chopped off my hair. 

Tada! 18 years old - Super Short hair and kinda funky

 19 years old - College Student having picnics in the park. Wearing a polka dot dress.

 20 years old - Playing dress up in a black corset and Daniel's hat. 

 21 years old - In Las Vegas with Daniel. Wearing the dress from Twilight (no I'm not obsessed with Twilight it's just a really freakin cute dress.)
22 - Army green pants, Knee high Docs and a skull shirt
23 - I little more business - Light Pink chiffon shirt with a high waist skirt and nice wool coat. And I usually always wear glasses I just try to not wear them in photos.

My god the years have gone by I can't believe I'm close to 25.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Birthday List - 24 Before 25

I've seen this from a couple other bloggers and I thought since I love making lists and I have made one of these before I should do one and post it. Since my birthday is almost exactly six months away it won't be an overly ambitions list, but ambitious enough. I will post when I have crossed something off my list.

1) Finish taking my CBEST for Substitute teaching. Which means passing the Math.
2) Get a well paying job or at least two jobs so Daniel and I can move out into our first apartment
3) Move out of my parents house (it's ambitious to do in six month especially without not having a good job right now. But it has to be done.)
4) Get a head start on Christmas for my etsy shop and create more pieces as well as work on packaging. (I know that was a couple in one but I could make a whole entire list of what I need to do for my etsy store.)
5) Start a schedule for blogging once a week
6) Find time to enjoy the little things and moments with Daniel.
7) Try to get most of the hard work for my first book done.
8) Read more - a book a month would be nice. That's six books before I'm 25 which is beyond doable considering how fast I read. It's just finding the time to actually read that is hard
9) Save money from each paycheck. I don't have to have every dvd and cute clothing I see.
10) Go to the Gaslight Gathering in San Diego again.
11) Get out of my comfort zone more often. I can't hide behind Daniel all the time. Converse with people I don't know, make contacts, put myself out there.
12) Start eating healthy and exercising again.
13) Help Daniel finish selling the rest of his 200 cds.
14) Write more poetry or edit old ones and submit them!
15) Organize closet and room and keep it that way
16) Organize my photos and documents on my backup drive
17) Make a four crafts that are on my pinterest page and post them
18) Finish making my resume perfect
19) Have a perfect day at Disneyland with Daniel before our annual pass expires
20) Get more involved with crafts fairs again
21) Go to the beach for the whole day
22) Take more photos
23) Try and not be depressed about turning 25
24) Have a big birthday party!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another Day at Disneyland

 Another great day at Disneyland. My pass is almost up so whenever Daniel and I have a day off together we try to go. I was so happy I got to get my Princess Leia shirt!

I love Daniel's long hair. Maybe I'm weird. Am I one of the few girls who like this? Maybe it's from growing up in the 90's with all the grunge bands and Hanson : )

My Outfit 
Striped Dress - Forever 21
Vest - Forever 21
Pashima Scarf - I've had it for a long time I don't even know anymore
leggings - Target
Sketchers Shape Ups Shoes - Sketchers Outlet
Feather Hair Accessory - Hand Made from a head band that I can't wear cause it gives me headaches

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Be-lated Easter

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and had a great Easter Weekend. I've been so busy I haven't been able to post photos from Daniel and I's Easter yet. I still live with my parents but they went on a road trip for the Holiday so Daniel and I had the place to ourselves. I don't cook at all so it was an interesting experience when I tried to make an Easter dinner for Daniel and I. But we managed and it turned out pretty well and it was a wonderful day.

Outfit Details-
Vintage flower Dress - Yard Sale
Vintage Pink Sweater - Yard Sale
Brown Shoes - Mossimo Target

Liebster Award

I was super surprised when I got a message from Selina that she had nominated me for the Liebster Award. Thank you so much Selina. If you would like to read her wonderful post you can read it here. 

So, here is how it works: 

1. You must thank the person who gave you this award (it's just polite)  
2. You must display the Liebster heart on your blog  
3. You should nominate 11 up-and-coming blogs with less than 200 subscribers  
4. Each person must post 11 random things about themselves  
5. Answer the questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you 
6. Create 11 questions for those you nominate to answer  
7. Notify your nominees and provide a link back to your post.  
8.  You’re not supposed to do “ping-backs”

11 random facts about me 
1) I watch Nightmare Before Christmas every night before I go to bed on my ipad. I can't go to sleep without it.
2) I don't eat the ends of my french fries because they are crispy and hard and my fingers were touching the ends.
3) I have a huge DVD and CD and Record collection. I mean 350 DVDs and and about 500 Cds and another 200 records
4) I like to collect a lot of things. Things from my past, things that I like, times I want to remember. I'm not a hoarder I promise. I keep most things tucked away in hat boxes or I make something out of them.  I have a collection of fortunes from fortune cookies that I made a piece of art from.
5) I tend to feel like I'm a Jack of all trades but master of none. 
6) I don't like to share too much. Part of me wants to make friends and share all of my secrets but it takes me so long to get there.
7) I listen to Brand New's album Deja Entendu at least once every day and have since the day I bought it for my fifteenth birthday.
8) I'm trying to get enough courage to take the CBEST Math exam for Substitute teaching. (I'm horrible at math)
9) I know it's super corny but I believe in soul mates and I know my boyfriend Daniel and I are.
10) I have had five heart surgeries. Two open heart and three other ones to help keep my ventricle open from scar tissue.
11) I think in pictures rather than words.    

      Selina's Questions
1. Do you prefer warm or cool colours? 

Cool colours like green. I don't really care for the bright colours in the warm spectrum. 
2. Cheese or chocolate? 
Cheese. I don't like chocolate believe it or not.  

3. Do you prefer the 1961 or the 1998 version of The Parent Trap?

1961 version of The Parent Trap. More than one Lindsey Lohan is too much for me. 

4. Tea or coffee? 

Honestly neither. But if I had to choose probably coffee.

5. If you weren't your own nationality, which other would you be and why? 
 I would be french. I mostly want be be French because I love the language and I have always wanted to go to France. It seems like a beautiful place. Maybe it's cause of all the movies I saw growing up.

6. What do you think of ripped jeans? 
    I think they can be cute if worn right. If they are jeans that are really dirty and have tears in the wrong places (as in I don't want to see your skin on your butt) I don't think that's attractive. But I've been known to make my own ripped jeans. No need to spend money on Abercrombie and Fitch Jeans.

7. Do you have scars and birthmarks? If so, what do they look like and where are they?
    Ok. So This is a bit on the serious side. I have a lot of scars more than I will mention. Scars have been a part of me since I was born but they don't define me and I wear them proudly. The first I have two huge scars on my chest from two open heart surgeries. The first one you can barely see anymore and most of it is hidden from the second scar also I have diagonal scar where I had a stomach tube, I've had that scar since I was three days old. The second one is about ten years old. The other scars are on my arms and wrists and I have a couple of burn marks and one looks like a smiley face. 
8. What songs epitomize each season for you? A song for winter, summer, autumn and spring please 
 Winter - Jason Webley - Millennium Bug
 Summer - Lady Gaga - Poker Face
 Autumn -  A.F.I - ...but Home is Nowhere
 Spring - Regina Spektor - Samson 

9. What is something you wear now that you didn't do before? 
 Up until I was a junior in high school I hated wearing dresses and skirts. Now it's the only thing I wear. 

10. What do you think of Eurovision? A drag or a hilarity?
Can't say I know what it is.

11. Name a film you never want to see again and why
Requiem for a Dream. Don't get me wrong I love crazy movies. My favorite movies are Eternal Sunshine and Stay but for some reason Requiem for a Dream is just to much for me. Plus I don't really care for drug centered movies. I feel the same about 'Candy' as much as I love Heath Ledger that movie is a bit too much for me.

11 Nominees

1) Lauryn from Paper Wife
2) Sonja from Blackthorn
3) Lauren from Introvert's Introduction 
4) Blythe from Blue Roses 
5) Vera from Witness the Miracle 
6) Amy from A. Loo's Closet 
7) Alex from Typical 90's Child
8) Danni Roxanne from Creative Collective
9) Emma and Katie from MRnKT
10) Olive Midori Kimoto from Moths of Memory
11) Alice from Pretty Confused

My 11 Questions

1. Where is your favorite place to shop?
2. If you had to explain your style in one word what would it be?
3. Do you think in pictures or in words?
4. What is the best book you've read lately? And why?
5. What is your biggest pet peeve?
6. Book or movie?
7. Who is your favorite villain from Disney?
8. What's at the top of your bucket list?
9. If you could move anywhere in the world where would it be?
10. What was your favorite thing to do when you were a child?
11. What do you collect?