Thursday, May 30, 2013


     I don't have HBO anymore so I was lucky enough to check season two of Girl on the free preview weekend on Verizon Fios. I've been completely in love with this series like everyone else since the first season last year, but this season sealed the deal. I love the realism of the stories and all of the character are amazing. Of course, I can relate to Hannah's character the most because she is a writer and complete crazy and eccentric most of the times. Which I have to admit I can be, but we wont go there. I also feel like I'm right there in the same place as Hannah. I remember this line from the first season,
“You could not pay me enough to be 24 again,” says Hannah’s OB/GYN. “Well, they’re not paying me at all” [Hannah] shoots back, feet in stirrups, gazing at the ceiling. (HBO Girls Season 1)
Being twenty - four that is exactly how I feel. I can relate to these characters because they are really gasping for air in this society. In your early twenties you don't know what to do with yourself. Your trying to figure out who you are and what you want to do with your life. When your twenty-four your are no longer really college age (unless you are going for a graduate degree) and so you've now been pushed into this world expecting to start a life. Instead everything seems uncertain.

    Anyway, I figured we'd talk about the fashion on the show cause besides the witty dialogue and amazing directing the fashion is unique, down to earth and unlike most shows.What I love about the fashion in show is it's not like most of the shows around. The fashion is really true to the character and the characters don't just wear an outfit because it's 'in,' or because the writers are trying to make the show popular for the fashion clothes the characters wear.You wont find Sex in the City fashion here.

Hannah -
Hannah's character as well as the writer and actress Lena has tattoos and shows them often, which you don't usually see in movies or television, especially with women, as if every person in the world has flawless, unmarked skin. Hannah's clothes are very hipsterish. She wears bright colors or patterns most of the time.

Jessa - 
She's possibly one of my favorite characters besides Hannah. She is the wild child out of all the girls. Jessa's style picks up where Hannah's leaves off.  Her style is quirky and very free spirited. She wears cute hats and most of her outfits are in the natural hippie tones.

Marnie -
Her style is very business like. Her character tries to always seems like she has it all together. She's very much a control freak and her neat and clean style tends to show it. When you see her losing control in the second season her style reflects that as well with jeans and lose t shirts.

Shoshana -
Shoshana is such a spaz. She also probably has the most girly wardrobe out of everyone. She tends to go with the trends and sometimes refers to the Sex and the City.

 Photo Credit
(Photo's found from Girls Facebook)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gaslight Gathering 3

My Outfit
Steampunk Harness - New Age Couture -
Alice in Wonderland Dress - I got it from one of the vendors at last years Gaslight Gathering
Black Skirt - Forever 21
Brown Boot - Forever 21
Steampunk Goggles -
Steampunk Octopus Necklace - Handmade myself has a real Seahorse on it
  My Outfit 2
Key Dress - Lip Service 
Corset - Got at the convention from one of the vendors
Steampunk Harness - (same as above)
Steampunk Goggles - (same as above)

        Sorry, it took me so long to post these photos. I was lucky I even got the photos I did. My wonderful CF drive for my camera decided to stop working that day and then I had the worst time trying to get my hundreds of photos off the drive. Then it took me awhile to edit the photos as well. I'm still not done with all of them but figured I'd post what I have so far. 
       Anyway, Daniel and I had a wonderful time. I loved wearing my Alice in Wonderland dress again. I got a corset there which is amazing and I'm looking forward to getting a lot of use out of it. I also, got a signed copy of Cassandra Clare's book Clockwork Prince and since I'm currently reading the Mortal Instrument Series I was really excited to snatch the book up for an awesome deal. Daniel got a pocket watch which he's been looking for. I'm hoping to get into the vendors next year so I'm crossing my fingers. I think it would be a great way to get my business out there. 
        It's been slow lately on etsy. It usually doesn't pick up till September but I could use the extra money. I got a lot of ideas from the convention so I'm looking forward to bringing some of that inspiration to the shop soon. I also need to get ready for believe it or not but the Christmas rush. I couldn't believe how busy it was last season and my ornaments went like crazy so I got to stock up on supplies and get to making stuff. 
       Back to the Gaslight Gathering. I love all the costumes I see there. Daniel and I only get to go one day out of the three day weekend but it's always so much fun. There were a lot of Star Wars Steampunk and we know how much I love Star Wars. Also, there was the Steampunk Disney Princesses. Well check out the photos from the convention.

(All photos are taken by me please credit me and my blog. If you don't I will find you hunt you down)
: )

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Four Years

First photo of Daniel and I taken. 

   Four years ago on May 14th 2009, Daniel and I met through mutual friends (his best friend was my best friends girlfriend at the time). The first time I met him my friend Sarah and I went into Walmart to get some groceries before we went to the pool. Daniel worked there as Loss Prevention so while we were there she thought she should text him to come over and say hi. He was so handsome
But I hated Walmart and wanted to get out of there as soon as possible so, I shyly said hi, shook his hand, and made Sarah hurry up cause it was hot and I wanted to get into the pool. The second we got in the car Sarah got a text message from Daniel saying, "You friend is hot. What's her phone number?"I know he's cheesy but so cute. I fell for him so fast. I went swimming that day and I kept checking my phone, hoping he would text me. 

      After a day of waiting I got too impatient and texted him. "Are you going to call me or not," I said. He laughed and told me he didn't want to seem to eager. We've haven't gone a day without talking to each other since. I remember the first time he told me he loved me. It we hadn't even known each other for a month yet. We were hanging out in his room and he said he wrote me a song and wanted to play it for me. In the song it talked about how it was "too soon to feel like this" and after the song was over he said that's how I feel about you. I smiled and said, "How, exactly?" 
"I love you," he smiled. I of course being the pain in the butt that I am, did not reply. I loved him then. Before that moment there were a couple times I had to stop myself from telling him. I know I'm weird. A week later I finally told him I loved him and how I felt about him.

    Since then we've had our ups and downs. We hope to get married and have our own place soon. Life and horrible economy seems to get in the way most of the time, but after four years of being together I'm still so in love with him and thank God that he was in my life. I know it's really corny but he saved me in many ways.   

Thursday, May 9, 2013

E-Cigs the new thing?

My boyfriend has finally quit smoking! I also have been off and on smoking for close to ten years and my boyfriend and I got those electronic cigarettes and we are done for good. He has been smoking for close to seventeen years and hasn't been able to quit at all. He hasn't had a cigarette for five weeks. Granted electronic cigarette still have nicotine in it but you can gauge how much nicotine you want in it, Daniel is on medium strength, while I'm on the lowest since I only smoke now on social occasions. 

Daniel tried to quit three years ago. He bought the Blu e-cigs and they just did not work for him. They didn't hit the same and just seemed to have a lot of trouble with them. A friend had also been trying different e-cigs and he suggested the Vapor Shark. Daniel decided to try it and of course for me I had to research it. So after tons of research I finally settled on the Vapor Shark, as well. At first, I was a little apprehensive because of how big they were. I liked the feel of a cigarette between my fingers but when I started to think about it and use it more and more, I started to get used it. 

Now don't get me wrong, I would not suggest using an electronic cigarette if you do not smoke. Nicotine is still addicting and can have harmful effects. However, if you smoke please consider this alternative, you are still getting your nicotine fix, and all those harmful toxins aren't entering your lungs and system with it. Plus, you no longer smell like cigarettes either!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Four day weekend

 My Outfit
Dress - Forever 21
Belt - Second Hand Store Urban Exchange
Shoes - Yard Sale

My work attire for the other day. Everyone seemed to love it. I'm loving my hair so far. The color is so pretty and vibrant. 

As for my outfit, I've had this dress for years. I found it in my closet yesterday when I was trying to figure out what to wear for work. Decided it was super cute and I should wear it. Yeah, that's what happens when you have a lot of clothes. The flower pattern is super cute and perfect for spring. The dress is a cute blue chiffon and is so light for the weather in California.

I've been trying to go through my clothes in my closet. I have a huge walk in closet and it's full. So, now that I don't work at Pier 1 Imports I figured I don't need a some of the clothes I used to work in. Most of them are faded and not nice looking anymore anyway. That's what happens when you lift furniture all day. 

 Today is my first day off for my four day weekend! I'm so excited. I have a list of things I want to do. 
-Finish my closet, - Finish getting ready for the Steampunk Convention, - Post on my blog - Exercise - And make some more Steampunk Jewelry. What are you doing this weekend?