Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wedding Season is around the corner!

It's here! It's the bridal shows and wedding season! Almost 1 million couples got engaged this holiday season and now is the time to plan for the wedding and get the wedding dress. Currently, I've been working at David's Bridal and I have been loving helping brides and bridesmaids pick out their dresses. I love the styles this season. I tend to be a lace and vintage gal myself and I seem to see the same vintage trend around the salon. These are a couple of my favorite photos I've seen for this Spring wedding season.

(Photos credit to from left to right, Florachild, Davids Bridal, Vintageous, Jonas PetersonGreen Wedding Shoes, Which Goose,)

Now is the time to be the original bride you are! Whether you are with the vintage trend or not, there are so many new and unique designers and dresses out there! Plus, you can always add that special unique sash or headpiece to express your individuality.

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