Thursday, February 28, 2013

Play Crack the Sky

Today was a beautiful spring day. The winter breeze was still in the air but the sun was bright in the sky and there was a hint of green in the land. I love winter, but I do love it when it gets into the 70's and I can wear cute outfits outside without wearing huge wool jackets on. Don't get me wrong I love my wool jackets and I have almost every color of them under the sun but I also love showing off my outfit. I know most of you are probably thinking I'm crazy because I live in Southern California and I own wool jackets and complain about wearing lots a layers but I do get really cold very easily. I can't imagine how I'm going to survive when I move back east. Enough of my ramblings.
Striped Shirt - TJ Maxx
Blue Skirt - Got it from a yard sale
Octopus Necklace - Gift from a friend for Christmas
Brown Belt - Came from another dress
Tan Shoes - Payless Shoes
Brown Tights - Target

Monday, February 25, 2013

Daniel Cross

Daniel Cross itunes

It's official Daniel Cross, my boyfriend's new album is officially on iTunes and its only about 4.95. Please, show your support and if you get a chance write a review. Thanks so much! It's an EP album with five amazing songs. Check it out please, and look him up on Facebook and reverbnation. Support the arts.

The Oscars

I absolutely love the Academy Awards. It's like the Super Bowl for girls. The red carpet is wonderful, watching all the gorgeous people in their dresses. You get to be a fashion critic for a day. It's amazing. I mean how beautiful did Jennifer Lawrence look? She was gorgeous. Then comes the magical part, the curtains open and the guest makes jokes about all the movies and their nominees. I was on the floor laugh for 10 minutes when Seth McFarland sang about seeing everyone's boobs. Don't be upset, you know it was hilarious!
Every year I get so excited for the nominees. I practically cry whenever the actor and actress I want to win gets the award. This year I was so excited that Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence won! I was clapping and doing a dance and everything. Then Daniel Day-Lewis wins! I love it. He's such an amazing actor and so charming. It's almost the best Oscars ever! I can't forget Christopher Waltz who wins for another one of Quintin Tarantino's films for Supporting Actor. My boyfriend makes fun of me because I know all this stuff about who was nominated when and for what. He calls it a waste of space. I just say I can't help it. I don't try to memorize this stuff. My brain is just weird that way. Well I hope everyone enjoyed the awards. And congrats to all the winners including Argo and Ang Lee.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Cirque Du Freak

      Hi everyone, I hope everyone has some great plans for the weekend. I shall be working all weekend and week at David's Bridal, but then rewarding myself in a long overdue trip to Disneyland. Since, I'm still sick I'm posting a look that I have on lookbook but haven't gotten a chance to write about it or post on here called 'Cirque Du Freak.'
     I've always enjoyed dressing up and pretending to be someone that I am not. I know that I can look absurd sometimes walking around in some dress that makes me look like I just stepped out of the circus but isn't that what fashion is about. Stepping outside of yourself and not caring what others think and being who you want to be. And, today I joined the circus. 
      This is why we are so attracted to people like Madonna and Lady Gaga because they aren't afraid to go out there and dress crazy for the sake of fashion. They aren't just musicians but they are artists that embody fashion and use fashion to make art. I think that is truly amazing. That's why I love things like Steampunk styles and cosplay. I love making my clothes and fashion into art. It's just another way my creativity can spill into every aspect of my life. 
      So I have a couple of questions. What about fashion inspires you? What keeps you going back to your favorite stores and buying more clothes? Is it the way you feel? How do clothes make you feel? Or do you just dress like a clown in hopes of someday joining the Circus?

Dress - Forever 21
Cropped Jacket -Not sure the brand but I got it from Burlington Coat Factory
Belt Buckle - Antique Store in Temecula, CA
Leggings - Forever 21
Shoes - Bandolinno - I got them from a yard sale

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I will post soon. I have been sick for the last week with Bronchitis. I'm hoping to be back to normal soon and posting more fashion photos and other fashion commentaries.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Vintage Valentine

   Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I don't know about you but I hated Valentine's day for many years. It's hard to hate it now that I have someone but those many years that either I was alone or the person I was with made the day miserable it was hard to find the Halmark holiday enjoyable. However, if you take away all the expectations of this made up holiday and just do something enjoyable it turns out to be a fun day. Plus, it means I get to dress up. This dress, I found last year from some girls who sell vintage clothes at a fair I used to sell at once a month. I'm super excited cause Daniel is going to take me to Beautiful Creatures for Valentine's Day and I can't wait!!!! Well, except for the fact for that I am super sick. So I hope that I won't be sick for tomorrow. I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day and just remember to have no expectations. It's just another day when it comes down to it.

Dress - Vintage
Belt - I believe came off another dress 
Shoes- Mossimo from Target
Socks - Forever 21
Necklace - My own making but I sell one like it on Etsy

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Amber Ily's Steamcrafts

   I haven't had the chance to write about my online store at all on my blog here, so I'd figure I'd post a couple of photos of my Valentine's Day jewelry line. When I hit landmarks with my followers I guarantee that I will do a give-away for a couple of my jewelry pieces. 
  For those who don't know much about Amber Ily's Steamcrafts, the shop is made up of Steampunk jewelry and decorative boxes. Most of my jewelry is upcycled made from pieces and parts of vintage jewelry and watch parts. I also make decorative boxes and shadowboxes like the leaf heart wood box pictured at the very bottom. Check out my store on etsy

Pictured Above
Once Upon a Time Necklace -
Steampunk Rose Necklace -
Victorian Heart Pearl Necklace -
Steampunk Leaf Wood Box -

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Skulls, Crosses, and Cogs.

I'm actually wearing two of my favorite items in this outfit. My cog belt buckle and my cross. I got the cog belt buckle at one of my favorite antique stores in Temecula, CA. My boyfriend, Daniel, actually spotted it first and knew it was perfect for my Steampunk outfits. As for my cross, it also has something to do with my boyfriend. He gave it to me for safe keeping after the first three weeks we were dating, when I went to Pittsburgh for two weeks. The cross was his favorite necklace and I knew the second that he gave it to me he really loved me. Corny I know, but we're totally corny. I've worn it everyday since (except when I take it off for a couple minutes while I take the photos).
My Outfit
- Shirt - Skull Shirt - Hot Topic - Was on sale for $10
- Belt and Buckle - Belt I stole from my Boyfriend and the Cog 
belt Buckle is from an antique store in Temecula, CA $15
                             - Hat - I've actually bought this hat from my first job wear I worked                                                       in a little hat shop called Wooleys in a small mountain town in Southern California $30
- Pants - Black and Tan Checkered pants from Forever 21 $22
- Ankle Boots - Clarks - Got as a Christmas present from my Mum.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Spring Flowers

I got this dress at a second hand store in Temecula. I'm in love with anything that has peter pan collars and this dress is so cute. I love the spring chic look. Perfect for a spring day date looking at antique stores and drinking coffee at a local cafe. The Steampunk watch piece is a piece my mother gave me. My father actually made it for my mother when I was little and she passed it down to me. It's been an inspiration to me in a lot of ways when it comes to my jewelry.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Open Mic night with Daniel in Riverside

My outfit for open mic night with Daniel and the Daily Grind in Riverside.

This is one of my favorite skirts. I've had this skirt for years probably since I was in 8th grade. The shirt I just got : ) I thought it would be unique to add some Gothic/Steampunk looking jewelry like my lions head brooch and my clock earrings. I have a little bow clip in my hair too but my hair is so crazy curly that you can't see it.

I had a wonderful time at the open mic night. Daniel played his song really well! Also there were a couple of other people there who played really well.

Daniel Cross played Dead Girl Friend on his new Martin Guitar. I think he's so in love with it that I'm a little jealous.

I don't know their names but they were awesome!
The wonderful Leandra Graves

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Alice in Wonderland

Fairytales have been trending quite a lot lately and not just in movies and T.V., but in fashion as well. I've been obsessed with Alice in Wonderland for the past year. It seems since Tim Burton's release of 'Alice in Wonderland' I've been seeing the trend the past couple of spring seasons. Alice in Wonderland has also been trending on t-shirts and merchandise at Disneyland and even the old illustrations from the books are very popular with jewelry on etsy.
When it comes to the style of Alice in Wonderland, I have searched high and low for something that was close to Alice's dress but, I still haven't found anything that lives up to my standards and also doesn't cost a small fortune. However,  you never know what you can find in the vintage clothes section of antique shops or the Salvation Army.
I've even added the whimsicalness (I know it's not a word, but it works) of Alice in Wonderland, to some of my Steampunk Jewelry. Last spring, I added a line of Alice in Wonderland theme Steampunk jewelry. 

 The March Hare and the White Rabbit are perfect to add a bit of spring to your jewelry. Colors like baby blue, cream, and copper are perfect for a light spring day. Or bolder primary colors like poppy red and lemon yellow for Mad Hatter. You can also wear wisteria and silver for a Cheshire cat look.

The Modern Mad Hatter

The Modern Cheshire Cat