Saturday, February 15, 2014

After a long Hiatus

So it's been a ridiculous long time since I've posted anything new. I'm so sorry for the long hiatus, it's been a crazy couple of months. In October my house that I live in with my parents caught fire. I was not there when it happened but my father was and saved most of the house but also put his life at risk in the process. He luckily was okay but suffered 1st and 2nd degree burns. The fire was located to one room and mostly just destroyed furniture however the smoke damage was severe and all throughout the house. So I have been living in a garage for five months and just recently spoiled myself with a new computer since my old one was destroyed. So that is the reason why I haven't posted cute pictures of my outfits and mostly cause most of my clothes are in storage. Thank you everyone for following and reading my blog. I'm hoping that I will be able to post some more soon.


  1. I'm sorry things have gone badly in the last few months and I hope your dad is alright, but I know you will pick yourself up in the end. Looking forward to seeing new updates

    1. Thanks so much! My dad is doing well. It's been a long journey since the fire but I'm hoping it will get better. Thanks again for the well wishes