Monday, May 26, 2014

Gaslight Gathering 4, May 2nd - May 4th

The Gaslight Gathering Steampunk Convention was very special to me this year. My wonderful boyfriend Daniel of five years proposed to me during the Steampunk Ball on May 3rd. It was so amazing. We were in the Ball where they were playing some wonderful Jazz music and he said he wanted to go outside for some air and so we walked out and were heading down the staircase and the photographer Jerry was standing there and said hi as we passed him. Then as we got half way down the spiral staircase Daniel got on one knee and proposed all the while the photographer started to take pictures. Daniel was so nervous and cute. So I'd thought I'd share the photos from Jerry Abuan that he took. He did such a great job they are so amazing and it's so great to have photos from that special moment.

So now that I've got to share that with everyone I'll share all three days that we got to be there. First of all. It was so cool to be able to be there all three days and be able to experience everything and hang out with all my fellow steampunk friends!

My Mum insisted I get my nails done which I thought was pretty impressive for me. I almost backed out but I did it. I really have a problem being touched especially by someone I don't know. It can be almost painful.

Photo by Jerry Abuan
My Outfit - Brown Steampunk Harness - Etsy
Black ruffle vest - Hot Topic
Black and Red Striped Dress got from a yard sale was probably originally from Hot Topic. Dress was altered to have pick ups
Fishnet tights
Brown Socks - Target
Brown Boots - Target
Gear Belt - Antique Store in Temecula, CA
Leather Goggles - Vendor from some of the recent Steampunk Events
Copper Bracelets- Vintage
Leather Bracelets - Amber Ily's Steamcrafts
Photo by Jerry Abuan
Making Leather Bracelets or in our case leather cuffs with a pouch.

Mine didn't turn out that great.

Photo by Jerry Abuan

Photo by Jerry Abuan

Photo by Jerry Abuan

 My Outfit - Brown Leather Harness - Etsy
Gear Belt - Antique store Temecula, CA
Underbust Corset - One of the Vendors from the Gaslight Gathering I cannot remember their shop name
Black pick up dress - Hot Topic
Brown Leggings - Target
Black and Grey Socks - Target
Brown Boots - Target
Leather Goggles and Leather Pouch - Another Vendor from some of the recent Steampunk Events
Jar of Teeth Necklace - Amber Ily's Steamcrafts
Copper Bracelets - Vintage
Photo by Jerry Abuan

Photo by Jerry Abuan

Photo by Jerry Abuan

My Jar of Real Teeth that got a lot of attention and yes they are my baby teeth

Saturday Night Before the Ball

 My Outfit - Black Dress - Found at a second hand store awhile ago. Altered
Brown Overbust Corset - Vendor from Last years Gaslight Gathering
Brown Leggings - Target
Black and Grey Stripped Socks - Target
Brown Boots - Target
Pearls Hanging from Corset - Vintage
Gear Belt - Found at Antique store
Leather Goggles-
Clockwork Necklace - (can seen better in other photos) Made by Amber Ily's Steamcrafts

My Ring!!!

Don't ask

Why is the Rum gone


Photo by Jerry Abuan

I'm not sure who took this photo but it is not mine

Again not sure who took this photo but I did not take this photo

(same as above)
 My Outfit - Vintage Hat - Found at Riverside, CA Antique Mall
Leather Goggles and Leather Pouch
Army style Jacket - Yard Sale
Leather Steampunk Harness - Etsy
Brown and Black Ruffled Skirt - Hot Topic
Fishnet Tights - Not sure have had them for quite awhile
Gear Belt - Antique Store
Door Knocker Necklace - Amber Ily's Steamcrafts
Brooches - Amber Ily's Steamcrafts

Seriously best costume ever!!!

This guy Steve I believe was his name was very generous and gave me a bird skeleton. Very Very cool 

 All Jewelry that I wore was either made my myself Amber Ily Steamcrafts or was vintage items. The only one that was not was the barrette that I wore on Saturday Night which I bought from one of the vendors that day.

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