Thursday, February 28, 2013

Play Crack the Sky

Today was a beautiful spring day. The winter breeze was still in the air but the sun was bright in the sky and there was a hint of green in the land. I love winter, but I do love it when it gets into the 70's and I can wear cute outfits outside without wearing huge wool jackets on. Don't get me wrong I love my wool jackets and I have almost every color of them under the sun but I also love showing off my outfit. I know most of you are probably thinking I'm crazy because I live in Southern California and I own wool jackets and complain about wearing lots a layers but I do get really cold very easily. I can't imagine how I'm going to survive when I move back east. Enough of my ramblings.
Striped Shirt - TJ Maxx
Blue Skirt - Got it from a yard sale
Octopus Necklace - Gift from a friend for Christmas
Brown Belt - Came from another dress
Tan Shoes - Payless Shoes
Brown Tights - Target

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