Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Skulls, Crosses, and Cogs.

I'm actually wearing two of my favorite items in this outfit. My cog belt buckle and my cross. I got the cog belt buckle at one of my favorite antique stores in Temecula, CA. My boyfriend, Daniel, actually spotted it first and knew it was perfect for my Steampunk outfits. As for my cross, it also has something to do with my boyfriend. He gave it to me for safe keeping after the first three weeks we were dating, when I went to Pittsburgh for two weeks. The cross was his favorite necklace and I knew the second that he gave it to me he really loved me. Corny I know, but we're totally corny. I've worn it everyday since (except when I take it off for a couple minutes while I take the photos).
My Outfit
- Shirt - Skull Shirt - Hot Topic - Was on sale for $10
- Belt and Buckle - Belt I stole from my Boyfriend and the Cog 
belt Buckle is from an antique store in Temecula, CA $15
                             - Hat - I've actually bought this hat from my first job wear I worked                                                       in a little hat shop called Wooleys in a small mountain town in Southern California $30
- Pants - Black and Tan Checkered pants from Forever 21 $22
- Ankle Boots - Clarks - Got as a Christmas present from my Mum.

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