Monday, February 25, 2013

The Oscars

I absolutely love the Academy Awards. It's like the Super Bowl for girls. The red carpet is wonderful, watching all the gorgeous people in their dresses. You get to be a fashion critic for a day. It's amazing. I mean how beautiful did Jennifer Lawrence look? She was gorgeous. Then comes the magical part, the curtains open and the guest makes jokes about all the movies and their nominees. I was on the floor laugh for 10 minutes when Seth McFarland sang about seeing everyone's boobs. Don't be upset, you know it was hilarious!
Every year I get so excited for the nominees. I practically cry whenever the actor and actress I want to win gets the award. This year I was so excited that Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence won! I was clapping and doing a dance and everything. Then Daniel Day-Lewis wins! I love it. He's such an amazing actor and so charming. It's almost the best Oscars ever! I can't forget Christopher Waltz who wins for another one of Quintin Tarantino's films for Supporting Actor. My boyfriend makes fun of me because I know all this stuff about who was nominated when and for what. He calls it a waste of space. I just say I can't help it. I don't try to memorize this stuff. My brain is just weird that way. Well I hope everyone enjoyed the awards. And congrats to all the winners including Argo and Ang Lee.

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