Friday, February 22, 2013

Cirque Du Freak

      Hi everyone, I hope everyone has some great plans for the weekend. I shall be working all weekend and week at David's Bridal, but then rewarding myself in a long overdue trip to Disneyland. Since, I'm still sick I'm posting a look that I have on lookbook but haven't gotten a chance to write about it or post on here called 'Cirque Du Freak.'
     I've always enjoyed dressing up and pretending to be someone that I am not. I know that I can look absurd sometimes walking around in some dress that makes me look like I just stepped out of the circus but isn't that what fashion is about. Stepping outside of yourself and not caring what others think and being who you want to be. And, today I joined the circus. 
      This is why we are so attracted to people like Madonna and Lady Gaga because they aren't afraid to go out there and dress crazy for the sake of fashion. They aren't just musicians but they are artists that embody fashion and use fashion to make art. I think that is truly amazing. That's why I love things like Steampunk styles and cosplay. I love making my clothes and fashion into art. It's just another way my creativity can spill into every aspect of my life. 
      So I have a couple of questions. What about fashion inspires you? What keeps you going back to your favorite stores and buying more clothes? Is it the way you feel? How do clothes make you feel? Or do you just dress like a clown in hopes of someday joining the Circus?

Dress - Forever 21
Cropped Jacket -Not sure the brand but I got it from Burlington Coat Factory
Belt Buckle - Antique Store in Temecula, CA
Leggings - Forever 21
Shoes - Bandolinno - I got them from a yard sale


  1. Super adorable! Love the stripes!

    Following you now! I'd love it if you followed back :)

    1. Thank you so much. Followed back. Love your style.

  2. I actually have shoes quite similar to those which is funny. I am not into fashion asuch but I like style and bits and pieces inspire me to dress a certain way each day. It brightens up my day to dress especially as for a while now, my situation with everything hasn't been steady and if I dress down all the time I'm in danger of becoming dull and feeling terrible which is what used to happen