Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blue Jeans and Cloudy Skies and Ways to Save!

My Outfit
Purple Chiffon Shirt - Yard Sale
Blue Jeans - Forever 21
Brown Heals - Target
Steampunk Necklace - Soon to be on the shop Amber Ily's Steamcrafts

    It's true! I'm wearing jeans! I don't really care for jeans, but sometimes an outfit calls for them and they can be really comfortable. I got this shirt from a yard sale. It's loose and flowy and super cute. It's not my usual outfit but I like it. It was crazy weather today. It was as if it couldn't make up it's mind whether it wanted to be hot or cold or hot. It was ridiculous. Most of the day was cloudy though which was nice. I love cloudy days.
   I have been so busy trying to figure out how to save money and to earn money and all sorts of that. It's been an interesting couple of weeks. I've mostly been trying to save up for the Gaslight Gathering III in San Diego. I've gone every year and I love all the wonderful Steampunk things I find. 

   So for the knowledge that I have gained in my search for ways to save, I've learned that you should pretty much use coupons and shop at places that have rewards like Vons and/or Walgreens. Also, there are a lot of good deals at Target if you know when to shop and where to look. Yard sales are the way to go. I grew up with my parents always going to yard sales on Saturdays and as you can tell I get most of my clothes at Yard Sales still.

   I've also been trying to update my Amber Ily's Steamcrafts shop. I made two new pieces today and hope to make more. One of the new pieces is actually what I have on. If you get a chance stop by the shop in the next week and I will have some new items up. 

I posted my birthday list a couple of weeks ago and so far I have 5) Started blogging at least once a week, 6) Find time to enjoy the little things and moments with Daniel, 8) Read more - I've gotten about a book in a half done so far. I've read the third book of Beautiful Creatures series and now trying to get through the last one 9) So far I have saved money from each paycheck , 10) Go to the Gaslight Gathering  

   I hope everyone has a great weekend. Next weekend is the Gaslight Gathering so I will post about that as soon as I can after that but I will make sure to update sometime next week.


  1. got to whip out the jeans sometimes!! :) xx