Friday, April 12, 2013

The Birthday List - 24 Before 25

I've seen this from a couple other bloggers and I thought since I love making lists and I have made one of these before I should do one and post it. Since my birthday is almost exactly six months away it won't be an overly ambitions list, but ambitious enough. I will post when I have crossed something off my list.

1) Finish taking my CBEST for Substitute teaching. Which means passing the Math.
2) Get a well paying job or at least two jobs so Daniel and I can move out into our first apartment
3) Move out of my parents house (it's ambitious to do in six month especially without not having a good job right now. But it has to be done.)
4) Get a head start on Christmas for my etsy shop and create more pieces as well as work on packaging. (I know that was a couple in one but I could make a whole entire list of what I need to do for my etsy store.)
5) Start a schedule for blogging once a week
6) Find time to enjoy the little things and moments with Daniel.
7) Try to get most of the hard work for my first book done.
8) Read more - a book a month would be nice. That's six books before I'm 25 which is beyond doable considering how fast I read. It's just finding the time to actually read that is hard
9) Save money from each paycheck. I don't have to have every dvd and cute clothing I see.
10) Go to the Gaslight Gathering in San Diego again.
11) Get out of my comfort zone more often. I can't hide behind Daniel all the time. Converse with people I don't know, make contacts, put myself out there.
12) Start eating healthy and exercising again.
13) Help Daniel finish selling the rest of his 200 cds.
14) Write more poetry or edit old ones and submit them!
15) Organize closet and room and keep it that way
16) Organize my photos and documents on my backup drive
17) Make a four crafts that are on my pinterest page and post them
18) Finish making my resume perfect
19) Have a perfect day at Disneyland with Daniel before our annual pass expires
20) Get more involved with crafts fairs again
21) Go to the beach for the whole day
22) Take more photos
23) Try and not be depressed about turning 25
24) Have a big birthday party!

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  1. You've done more than I have still and I've got another half a year to turn 25. I know about some of these all too well