Friday, April 19, 2013

My Style throughout the years

 I figured I'd do a style post of how my style has changed through the years. Though I have noticed, I really love the color black : )

 Freshman year - t-shirt and black skirt with punker belt. Lots of rubber bracelets and big ball necklace and don't forget the Converse All Stars

Sophomore Year - Still into the punker/goth style. Black t-shirt with my A.F.I buttons and purple plaid zipper pants with my long comfy black sweater. Don't even ask what's going on with my hair.

Junior Year Winter Formal - Probably one of my favorite dresses from high school dances. The embroidery on the bodice is so pretty.

 Senior Year - A little more girly and hippie. You can't see but my hair is down to my butt.

17 years old - Got to go to New York. Dyed my hair red in the middle of senior year and haven't change it since. However as soon as I came back from New York before I started college I chopped off my hair. 

Tada! 18 years old - Super Short hair and kinda funky

 19 years old - College Student having picnics in the park. Wearing a polka dot dress.

 20 years old - Playing dress up in a black corset and Daniel's hat. 

 21 years old - In Las Vegas with Daniel. Wearing the dress from Twilight (no I'm not obsessed with Twilight it's just a really freakin cute dress.)
22 - Army green pants, Knee high Docs and a skull shirt
23 - I little more business - Light Pink chiffon shirt with a high waist skirt and nice wool coat. And I usually always wear glasses I just try to not wear them in photos.

My god the years have gone by I can't believe I'm close to 25.

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